Mirada Rapid

Mirada Rapid, a facial recognition-based thermal scanner combines AI technology and Blackbody technology-an advanced body temperature measurement technology, for body temperature screening and provides maximum efficiency at the best price.

The AI Body temperature measurement technology recognizes human bodies and detects the body surface temperature by accurately locating the forehead area and measures their temperature accordingly. It can easily distinguish between humans and other hot objects. The Thermal imaging camera captures and detects fever which can be caused by the Coronavirus, COVID-19 or even the flu.

The body temperature scanner detects the best body temperature measuring area and tracks the forehead and reports in back the measurement on a monitor. Further, the temperature measurement distance is estimated and the temperature difference is compensated.

Mirada Rapid uses advanced facial recognition technology which is a combination of two infrared cameras and regular video cameras in coordination with deep learning technology.

Through these advanced technologies, Mirada rapid can perform fever screening through a fever scanner and detect people having a higher body temperature than the specified temperature. With Temperature screeners, it can detect a large number of people at a time, even among a crowd by using data from their physical condition and face identification. It can record the temperature with just the image of the face in the system and can also detect the temperature of a person wearing a surgical mask.

The Latest Algorithm Model only requires minimal resources, consumes less power and provides accurate results. Through the use of the Passive Blackbody which is the world’s most advanced thermal camera temperature measurement technology, it can provide real-time, accurate inspection results in diverse environments.

Once the test results are issued from a recognized Instrumentation Institute, the body temperature scanner can instantly detect the temperature of the person. Its accuracy in the range of 30-45°C to detect the variation is as high/low as 0.1 degrees in lab environments.

Mirada Rapid uses advanced facial recognition technology which is a combination of two infrared cameras and regular video cameras in coordination with deep learning technology.

Mirada Rapid Basic - mTD

Mirada Rapid Basic- mTD is a fever screening system with dual vision thermal cameras developed for public places with a large flow of people. It uses infrared thermal technology to provide precise real-time temperature measurements whilst detecting people with abnormal temperatures.

Features :-

Full-screen temperature measurement with maximum and minimum temperature tracking.

ODS overlay display for max/min/avg temperature value.

Thermal and visual snapshots.

1-CH RJ45 standard 100M Ethernet data access for 2-CH video (thermal and visual) transmission, free switching for visual, thermal and picture-in-picture mode.

This unique image enhancement technology provides clear images.

Maximum 6 temperature measure zones can be set, max/min/avg temperature displays in each zone.

Supports RTSP and ONVIF.

SDK is provided for secondary developments.

If temperature measurement distance is 7-8 meters the accuracy is ± 3 ℃. If the distance is 1-2 meters the accuracy will be ±0.3℃.

Mirada Rapid uses advanced facial recognition technology which is a combination of two infrared cameras and regular video cameras in coordination with deep learning technology.

Mirada Rapid Professional - mTFD

The Mirada Rapid mTFD is designed with a 2MP thermal imaging and an AI-based temperature measuring binocular bullet camera with integrated temperature measuring and visible light image sensors. The Mirada rapid mTFD professional can be deployed on a local server or a cloud platform.

Features :-

Thermal imaging detector pixel dimensions are 256×192.

Has the highest pixel density in its category.

Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤60mK (@ 25 ℃, F #=1.0).

Full-screen temperature measurement in the field of view.

Automatic tracking of face temperature measurement.

Temperature data OSD overlay screen display.

Supports non-contact temperature measurement.

Mirada Rapid Enterprise - mETFD

The Mirada Rapid Enterprise mETFD is a strategic product developed for fever screening in large enterprises. It has a fully-embedded dual-light detection system for human body temperature screening and can be tailored according to the customer’s requirements.

Features :-

Non-contact Distance : Up to 4-6m

Thermal image temperature Accuracy Error: Only ±0.3°c with Blackbody

Millisecond detection speed, fast

Can measure up to 6 people at a time

Face recognition user capacity : 50000

Tri-Stream : 320*240(fluent), 640*352(SD), 1920*1080 (HD)

Supports APP/WEB/PC Real-time preview

Supports 8-128 GB TF card storage, cloud storage

Applications of Mirada Rapid

Mirada Rapid has a strong utility in public places such as airports, railway stations, bus stations, corporate entries, banks, cinema Halls and restaurants etc. Airports are proactively employing Body temperature scanner for screening their passengers and crew members. It can detect a person with high temperature even if he/she is wearing a mask. It allows people to move through without having to halt at the checkpoints. It can be very beneficial to hospitals and medical facilities as it can aid in distant and early detection.

Using thermal cameras, authorities can be more discrete and efficient in identifying infected individuals and thereby carry out virus-specific tests. A variety of organizations and health facilities have deployed thermal scanners as an Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) detection method and for employee health and screening.





Airport Security


Benefits of Mirada Rapid

It provides instant measurement using infrared thermal imaging technology with leading-edge temperature measurement accuracy. It is easy to install, simple to operate and has an automatic alert function. With the help of advanced technology, this intelligent system provides automatic on-screen and audible alert signals to the operator so the premises are quickly protected against the risk of spreading the infection.

AI Software Feature

Temperature Detection Accuracy : AI Software can detect people temperature with ±0.1℃ (with the black body in the lab environment) accuracy in range 30℃ – 45℃.

Information Capture : AI Software supports viewing people’s face information and temperature measurements.

Temperature Detection Alarm : Software can raise the automatic alarm for people whose body temperature is higher than 37.3℃ .

Mask Detection : AI Software can raise an auto alarm on detecting people for not wearing a mask.